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God dammit

2015-04-28 20:06:47 by Sindread

Time, you shouldn't have left me, you motherfucker!


2012-02-12 20:31:40 by Sindread

Don't be shy, my girl.


2012-02-11 16:06:49 by Sindread

What the hell did they do now? oh my, did the text input background get changed? JESUS FUCK.


2011-07-12 20:30:48 by Sindread

BBS be naughty' recentli' I be checkin'


2011-06-14 18:38:13 by Sindread

I've been thrown into the grave of forgotten souls, where to now?

Har har har

2011-05-12 22:29:37 by Sindread

Where's that god damn cookie jar?


2011-05-10 21:34:48 by Sindread

Mods, shove your fucking rules up your ass hole thank you.
In the meantime, let your mom fuck you too.


2011-05-10 21:27:47 by Sindread

I GOT BANNED FROM THE BBS, LOOOOOL BUTTHURT MODERATORS. Wow you people really know how to fag the shit out of this place, go fuck your own fucking moms you bullshitty mods. Hope you eat shit.
I'm outta here again. Too many rules.

Fuck you!

2011-05-10 20:28:05 by Sindread

I'm so happy you can fuck yourself! :D

Imma so sick!

2010-11-24 16:47:45 by Sindread

I'm seriously sick, what can I do? I have a flu.